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Tyler Mohr


Tyler is a Senior Designer at the Office of Mark W. Daniels based in Palm Springs, CA and teaches first and second semester digital drawing for masters-track students in the LAEP department at UC Berkeley. His experience within the built environment ranges from large scale projects such as campuses and masterplans to intimate scale work such as residential building and garden design. Tyler specializes in representation, utilizing both analog and digital methods to create representations of space that aim to capture characteristics that transcend tactility. Prior to his current role at MWDA, Tyler worked at several leading design firms across the nation including:  Surfacedesign Inc in San Franscisco CA, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in Brooklyn, NY, and Reed Hilderbrand in Cambridge, MA.

Featured Work & Exhibitions

Place des Interactifs - Article  Rethinking The Future (RTF) (2018)

Codify - Publication  Bradley Cantrell (2018)

Landscape Architecture Magazine June 2017 LAM (2017)

FIN - Responsive Hydrologies - Article  Archoutloud (2016)

Responsive Topography: Fluvial Landscapes - Exhibition Harvard GSD (2016)

The Architects Guide to Portfolios - Publication Brandon Hubbard (2016)

Platform GSD 8 - Publication Harvard Graduate School of Design (2016)

Platform GSD 7 - Publication Harvard Graduate School of Design (2015)

Awards and Recognition

ASLA Student Merit Award ASLA, CSU (2014)

Outstanding Senior in Landscape Architecture CSU (2014)


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