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Pagentry Place

The Pagentry Place residence is nestled within the Ponderosa forests of Monument, Colorado. The site sits near the base of a rolling hill on the edge of the forest. The site's natural vegetation is scattered, ranging from dense forest to sparse pine trees. Despite the 2.5 acre lot size, the neighbors behind are closer than they appear... Yards scattered with miscellaneous objects put a damper on the otherwise spectacular view to the Rocky Mountains from the Pagentry Place Residence. 

The project scope was strictly planting design. The design hinged on visually obstructing direct views to the neighboring properties without completely blocking the Mountainous scenery beyond. The design calls for for drift of strategically inserted vegetation - a mixture of evergreens, quaking aspen, and a chokecherry hedge bridge the existing vegetation to the introduced landscape while intentionally obstructing unwanted views.

Location:    Monument, CO

Year Completed:    2019

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