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Building Up Submerged

Built in the spirit of a cast-in-place grain silo, each vessel will become host to 1,000 citizens along the coast who will eventually be displaced in the risk zones of an 80 meter rise in sea level. As the tides rush in, these vessels will act as self-sustaining colonies that allow people to live in geographically the same area as before being displaced. Coastal cities can continue ignoring the rising seas while building even more high rises. These mega-structures allow us to continue to live in a world that does not float, but clings to what little solid ground we have left.

Constellations of vessels will emerge to create a coastal megalopolis within this new ocean lowland that was once the coast. Managing to be both preemptive and defeatist, building in preparation for our inevitable surrender to the sea seems to be civilization's current course of action. These vessels ensure our continued way of life, living in vertically stacked settlements tethered to the earth.

Location:    Sea Level Rise

Collaborators:    Tim Nawrocki, Laura Schmitt Hall

Year Completed :   2017

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