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Safety Never Takes a Holiday

This project examines the physical health condition of GSD students according to their "ideal daily routine". In 2013 Wake Forest University’s Emergency Physicians compiled a list of the top 10 reasons for emergency room visits, many of which correspond directly with exercise or food and drink intake, The juxtaposition of these two categories shows where GSD students are most vulnerable to having an event that may require an ER visit. By taking the classic isometric grid model a step further and spatializing both the exercising density as well as food and drink density we are able to identify areas where GSD students are most at risk. A third category, engraved on a bottom layer of the model, acts as a visual and quantitative indicator of nearest health care facilities in an event such as a bone fracture, food poisoning, or even overly-drunkenness occurs.

Location:    Cambridge, MA

Under the Instruction of:    Bobby Pietrusko

Year Completed:    2015

Collaborators:   Thomas Nideroest

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