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Lory Student Center

The renovated Lory Student Center at Colorado State University opened in January 2015. CSU aimed to update the architecture as well as the Lory Student Center brand. As part of the branding effort, a design RFP was distributed to the university graphic design affiliates and after a careful selection process, the "Roofline Graphic" was chosen as the favorite to be implemented.


The logo pays homage to the graphic design of its predecessor by incorporating a familiar typeface and text treatment with an updated calibration of regular and bold fonts to emphasize the focus on the "students" of the university. The roof line graphic abstracts the buildings iconic marquee by tracing the soffit panel joints in a way that alludes to the jagged formations of the mountains beyond while the overarching shape of the graphic resonates with the form of the sharp peaks found within the mountain range.

Location:   Fort Collins, CO

Under the Instruction of:    Maggie Adams

Year Completed:    2016

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