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L'Esplanade du General de Gaulle

While the use of the London Plane Tree in the context of France is old news (as old as the Haussmann Planof Paris, to be exact), many are less familiar with the infrastructure that supports it. This study focused on Dan Kiley's design of L'Esplanade du General de Gaulle through the lens of the London Plane Tree. While L'Esplanade may appear as a straight forward planting of Plane Trees with a heavy maintenance regime of Pollarding, the multiple layers in place to support these plantings is rather remarkable. Ranging from high-speed subways to multi-lane highways, there is far more than meets the eye happening beneath the bosques of London Planes.

Location:    Paris, France

Under the Instruction of:    Gary Hilderbrand

Year Completed:    2016

Publications: London Plane Tree Atlas by Gary Hilderbrand (anticipated)

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