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Le Havre Promenade

The city of Le Havre aims to become an international maritime metropolis. To this end, the city has been working together with the Great Harbor of Le Havre in order to valorize the city-harbor interface. The Southampton Quay is on the of remaining sites in the city that has yet to be renovated. Arguably, due to its location between the harbor and the city, the Southampton Quay is the most crucial site to the city-harbor interface. The ongoing discussion amongst the city and the port authority is to whom does the Southampton Quay belong?


The design proposal for the Southampton Quay allows residents and visitors of Le Havre to experience the city and the harbor simultaneously. By creating a continuous promenade that skirts the edge of the harbor, users are invited to engage with the existing city elements while still having phyical and visual connections to the harbor. By taking cues from the city context, a variety of program is introduced along the promenade that will draw users to the Southampton Quay ranging from athletic fields to fishing docks.

Location:    Le Havre France

Under the Instruction of:    Michel Desvigne

Year Completed :   2016

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