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Place des Interactifs


On April 27, 1967 Place des Nations hosted over 8,000 people for the opening ceremony of Expo 67 which many refer to today as the most successful world exposition in history.  Place des Nations was the physical manifestation of the expo’s overarching themes of global unity and forward thinking progress while Place des Nations acted as the ceremonial epicenter of the event. Today, Place des Nations exists as a mere shadow of it’s former iconicity, recognizabe only by the nostalgio invoked to those who experienced Expo 67 firsthand.

Establishing Place des Interactifs as an urban beacon for the city of Montreal, invoking sensory appeal, and equipping the site with a set of infrastructures suited to promote a variety of programs will establish Place des Interactifs, once again, as the symbolic and beating heart of Montreal.

Location:    Montreal, Quebec

Under the Instruction of:    Renee Daoust

Year Completed:    2015

Publications: Harvard GSD Platform 8

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