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S. Springfield Residence

This single family residence in Globe, Arizona sits at the base of a steep hill within an arid suburb. Despite the arid climate, the property is susceptible to flooding during storm events. To mitigate the hillside runoff, the original builders constructed a concrete runnel to divert sheet flow from base of the hill at the west edge of the site. Coincidentally, the main outdoor space looks directly at the concrete drainage element as well as a 4' retaining wall at the foot of the hillside. Among a handful of programmatic asks, finding a drainage solution to this main outdoor space is a key concern for the property owner.

Two design schemes, Mission and Mediterranean, were developed to uniquely address the site challenges using a formal and an organic design language, respectively. Mission, utilizes formal geometry with a traditional Southwest material palette, borrowing design vernacular from the Californian Mission architectural style. Mediterranean is a softer approach with drifts of planting and loose step-stones meandering through the yard. This design takes queues from Mediterranean gardens while infusing traditional southwest design elements.

Location:    Globe, AZ

Collaborators:    Stephanie Buglione

Year Completed:    IP

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